Steve Angello’s “Wasted Love” [SIZE/COLUMBIA] Ft. Dougy ~ made waves throughout the indie/electro dance world, a record that many people had been eagerly anticipating for months. It lead up to the hype and then some; making it one of the biggest releases throughout the [ not just dance music - but overall music ] world this Summer.

New York Producer/DJ Dirtywork immediately took notice of Angello’s original emotionally charged powerhouse of a song, although decided to put his own signature progressive/energetic spin on the track. DIRTYWORK Flipped the record into something that every enthusiastic house music fan can enjoy, while sill paying homage to the original.

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NEWS: QULINEZ Leaves Size, Starts on New Path

qulinez interview

We pride ourselves in bringing you timely news that correspond with important events in dance music.  When we heard that Qulinez, a very talented  electronic DJing/Producing duo hailing from Sweden – have left the label & management of SIZE Records behind to forge a new path of creativity as artists, we wanted to find out why. In the following interview, Qulinez explains to us why they left their old label, what’s next for them, what they learned from Steve Angello & the SIZE team and much, much more.


1 – First, let’s just pop the big question: Why did you decide to leave SIZE Records?

First of all, we love Size and respect what Steve has done over the years. We are very grateful to have been a part of that family for 2 years. We are on great terms with everyone at Size; we left because we decided to go in a different direction and to follow our own path. We think the time is now. Sometimes a group is good, but other times call for more of an individual direction.

2 – You’re taking a big step forward and working with a new management team. What’s next for Qulinez?

The next steps for Qulinez are to release some new tracks, work hard and play some big shows this year! We are ready and very are hungry for what’s coming up. We´ve had nothing but great support from other DJs, the fans, and of course the bloggers.

3 – I’m sure you learned a lot from the years spent with the other SIZE artists and headmaster Steve Angello.  What positives can you take away and use for your career moving forward?

Ohh you have no idea!  Steve opened up a lot of doors for us. He taught us many tricks, both in the studio and on stage; without Steve’s guidance, our musical journey would not have been as successful.  Right now, we are taking those experiences with us and are really pumped to take our journey to the next level!

4 – You guys have a particularly wide fan base from LA to New York and Sweden.  Do you have any records your fans can expect to be released soon?

This is new territory for us. We´re taking a lot of meetings and just trying to focus on what´s best for us and what the fans will appreciate the most. We have 3 tracks ready to go and many more in the works.  Right now it´s Summer in Sweden, which is like Christmas Morning everyday for our country! We are just taking in the good vibes and putting it all back into the studio.

5 – When you guys are in the zone and playing around with music in the studio, how do you work together to create that signature Qulinez sound?

We really do work good together, we’re a great team! We´re also best friends, which helps a lot because we spend so much time together. We both have different ideas and then try to put it all together so that both of us are happy, and often it works out well! We try to work out many different styles and learn more about every single genre to help speed up our musical growth.

WATCH/LISTEN:  Qulinez – “Rising Like The Sun” (Spinnin’ Records). The track hit #15 on Billboard´s´Dance Radio Airplay Chart and was the “BMP Breaker” on BPM, Sirius XM.


6 – Who are some new or upcoming artists that you’re keeping your eye on? What music are you into right now?

There are a lot of tremendous DJs out there right now! There are many hungry, young DJs who we enjoy following! One of them is DYRO! He’s not that new, but he is getting bigger and bigger! We heard KYGO recently and really like what he´s doing. DJ SNAKE is killing it right now. If you enjoy Electronic Music, now is the time to try and make a difference; it really is.

7 – The world is now yours.  What would you like to say to your fans regarding the future of Qulinez?

For this year, we think the fans are going to see a brand new Qulinez with more music, a wider range of sound and more shows! We really wanna prove to ourselves and our amazing fans that we can do more then what we have done in the past. As they say, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  We are so excited right now! 

-WATCH/LISTEN to QULINEZ  live from Tomorrowland-

8 – You guys are pretty young for all the success you’ve had already. What advice can you give other young artists out there?

We are not that young actually, compared to some of the teens in the game right now! We have been making music together for 8-9 years and in a few years we will already be 30 years old…and trust us when we say that night’s gonna be a party for the ages! But we are young in this business perhaps. 

Our advice is simple: produce what you love and never give up! People are always going to tell you to give up or to try and knock you down. You need to be strong and stand up for yourself and the music! In Sweden, we have a lot of very good producers, mainly because we value perfection, but don´t settle for a track that you´re not 100% happy to put your name on. Remember, the last 10% of a song is what takes the most time to finish, but can make or break that track!

9 – Can we expect a Qulinez tour this summer or will you guys be mostly working on new projects?

We have some tour dates planned around the world including some shows in Sweden. We´re really excited to take our music to the smaller Swedish cities and show them the love as well! We´ll of course play in a lot of other countries too! But our main focus this Summer will be working in the studio on brand new original tracks, remixes and even some mashups. Back to the basics!


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Coachella Sets || 2014

Photo By:  RUKES

Photo By: RUKES

Below are some of the DJ sets from this past weekend at Coachella, one of the most well-respected music festivals in the world, which took place this past weekend at Indio, California.  

We will continue to add other sets on this page as we get them. 

Next weekend is already being considered one of the highlights of the year when it comes to Electronic Music acts performing, when some of the most talented artists in the world will take the stage.

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