Premiere: ‘Flash’s Theme’ (Dirtywork Remix) – Queen.

Check out this brand new bootleg from Dirtywork, who’s recent tracks have been getting massive support by other artist’s as well as on the Beatport House Charts.

Today the NYC Producer/DJ gave away his refreshing, uptempo Remix of a classic Queen track. Sampling vocals from the original, Dirtywork took a 1980’s hit & infused it with a modernly progressive, tribal beat.

You can listen to the track below ~ click the link to Download it for Free:


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CanvasPop: The Future Is Now For Personalized Artwork

Credit: CanvasPop

Credit: CanvasPop

Since the company’s inception in 2009, CanvasPop has been obsessed with one thing: providing people the highest quality photo-to-canvas prints available. At CanvasPop, they provide much more than just printing your personal photos and transforming them into beautiful works of art for your home, office or man cave; they also assist their customers in creating personalized art/photos in the most innovative, simplest and most enjoyable ways possible. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate option for ourselves; and since we’re just like you, we know you want your favorite pictures, taken either during a vacation, at a concert or on the beach, given a brand new life.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, “Why has NY Ragers teamed up with CanvasPop to tell their story?” Well, simply put, CanvasPop can be particularly helpful to most (if not all) ‘EDM’ and Dance Music enthusiasts – since 99% of us are utterly captivated with our personal festival photos, laser beam & effects shots, DJ selfies, club pics and so on and so on..

We’re pleased to report that CanvasPop is our #1 choice in this service-providing market for people like us who’ve taken photos on our iPhones or Androids – even photos uploaded & stored on Instagram or Facebook – and have had that burning desire to showcase those unique shots by transforming them into visually stunning canvases.

CanvasPop enables photographers, designers and everyday people to print their custom images on only the highest quality of canvas. They enable customers to print almost any type of image – Remember, it must be your own photo! – and create virtually any size of that image, regardless of the original resolution or pixel size! Amazing, right? Well, hold on to your bro hats, because there’s more!

CanvasPop is our premiere choice for all you semi-legit photogs, and since we undoubtedly know that your computer and phone have hundreds of photos that you’ve undeniably already contemplated blowing up and putting above your couch, NY Ragers and CanvasPop are going to give you a little gift!

Credit: CanvasPop

Credit: CanvasPop

First, head to CanvasPop, then, after uploading your image and playing around with their multitude of customizable features to make your art/canvas really POP, you’ll arrive at the checkout page – and this is the fun part:
Enter the following Promo Code: NYRAGERS and receive 30% off anything from CanvasPop until September 30th!

**NOTE: We’re quite sure many of you will be flocking to CanvasPop before you’re even done reading this. Guaranteeing the overall happiness of their customers’ finished products is exactly what has made CanvasPop so successful. They have earned our Stamp of Approval and we’re merely informing everyone that you’ll be in the smoothest of hands with the intensely capable CanvasPop team! Check out their 100% Lifetime Love Guarantee as well as their Free Digital Proof options!**

Behind the Scenes at CanvasPop HQ:

Below, you will find a few questions you may have before placing your order. Kevin Vaudry, CMO at CanvasPop, has been kind enough to answer them for us:

1. Is there any specific photo-taking device that you have found creates the best finished product?
“We don’t recommend one specific device over another, since a real person checks all images for quality control.”

2. Does a finished product’s quality tend to be lower when customers upload images from Facebook/Instagram as opposed to desktop uploads?
“We’re obsessed with mobile photography, that’s why we developed special techniques to print low-resolution images like iPhone photos and any other mobile photography beautifully! We also allow you to print Instagram and Facebook photos directly from your social accounts.”

3. Can customers use various filters or other design options to, for instance, bring out certain colors? Let’s say, fireworks or lasers from a concert taken on an iPhone?
“We offer a variety of enhancements, filters and design services including things like color isolation, photo retouching and color enhancement. Plus, our free PicturePerfect service means that our talented photo experts will lovingly adjust the contrast and colors (and even remove red-eye) at no extra cost!”

4. What’s the most common type of image that your customers upload? Nature scenes, skylines, everyday-life pictures, etc.?
“We see a broad range of images, including everything from cityscapes and nature shots to digital art, patterns and snapshots.”

5. Since most of our readers will use CanvasPop for pictures featuring lots of random people (concert/festival crowd photos), is there any permission needed to create an image on your site?
“We take copyright seriously, as long as you own the rights to an image, you’re good to go!” 

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